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The writer bargains with the 13 actual works of Nagarjuna. the 1st six are quite often dialectical works akin to Mulamadhyamakakarika, Sunyata-saptati, Vigrahavyavartani,Vaidalya-prakarana Vyavaharasiddhi, Yuktisastika through the remainder seven that are mainly didactic texts—Catuhstava, Ratnavali, Pratityasamut-padahrdaya-karika, Sutrasamuccaya, Bodhicitta-vivarana, Suhrllekha, and Bodhisambhara(ka).

Christian Lindtner, born June 14, 1949, did his Phd.D. in Buddhist experiences (1982) from college of Copenhagen, Denmark, Later he taught on the Universities of Lund, Copenhagen, Washington (Seattle) Virginia (Charlottersvile) within the fields of Asian Languages and Literature, Buddhist and non secular reports, and Indian Philosophy (Sanskrit and Pali)

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In. W ithout these, ignorance (avidyä) based on these perverted n-ws is not possible. W ithout this [ignorance] the formative forces ■Hjiskàra) do not arise and the remaining [ten members] similarly. 11. wi'kara) [and] without it the formative forces (santskara) do not m s .. Since [they] are caused by one another (anyonyahelutah) they , 11 not established with own-being (svabhävd). «. e. e. duhkha due to avidyidi is in fact ajita. - This verse is ‘quoted’, • Dvadaiadviraka, 2 (160a 22-23). <1-10.

When there is being (bhàva) these tw o [dogm as] occur. Therefore [one should] not accept being (bhàva). 17-20. e. svabhàva, parabhàva, abhàva and bhàva as such) are only conceivable in m utual dependence. T h ry do not occur independently (cf. M K , X V). - For v. 18 in particular cf. M K , X X IV , I; X X V , 1-2. - Akutobhayà ad M K , X X I, 6 quotes 19-21 as from Sinyatàsaptati. *Dvàdasadvàraka, 20 (164b 27-28) seems to be identical w ith SS, 19. 21. Acceptance o f bhàva would moreover imply iàsvatocchedagràha, cf.

9 -I I. It is, as svaniti to 64 says, brtenpa Vdnos par mhan pat ztn pa dan Uà badai rtag pa dan 'd&npa. We may add bkivibhivaparimarsa, RÀ, 1,42; bhivibhyupagama, Y$, 46. See Dhammasangani, p. 213 for these equivalents (... gbha, patiggiha, abhinivesa, parimisa. ) 63 »>r>. K/v I dims jx> stoh par de rtogs na II yah dag m thon phyir rmons mi ,gyurl I de ni ma rig ’gog pa yin II de las yan lag bcu gnis ’gag I I yan dag mthon phyir dhos ston par II legs ses ma rig mi ’byuh ba I I de ni ma rig ’gog pa yin II de phyir yan lag bcu gnis ’gag I 66.

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