Andersen Prunty's My Fake War PDF

By Andersen Prunty

ISBN-10: 1933929995

ISBN-13: 9781933929996

The absurd story of an not going soldier compelled to struggle a warfare that, particularly in all probability, doesn't exist. Saul Dressing is a flabby middle-aged librarian who simply desires to be left by myself to hear jazz, watch porn, and domesticate his toenails. All of this alterations while a soldier in a camouflage sweat swimsuit indicates as much as draft him into the military of the U.S. of every thing. His undertaking is easy: visit a international kingdom not anyone has ever heard of and incite the competition to strike first. on their lonesome in the midst of a barren region without enemy in sight, Saul needs to come to phrases with the absurdity of his state of affairs. hence starts a surreal trip into the politics of conflict, consumerism, and big robots. it is Rambo meets awaiting Godot during this subversive satire of yankee values and the scope of the human mind's eye.

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By any fucking means necessary. And I had a whole truckload of means. Thirty-three Apparently when I thought of the word ARSNAL I was pretty thorough. Beside my veritable mountain of weaponry was a bullhorn. Perfect. I turned it on and aimed it toward the house. ” I was hoping he would either show his face or begin firing. He did neither. The little fucker. “Baxter! ” Should I have said my robot and I will open fire? Did that sound more intimidating? The neighborhood crowd was beginning to congregate again.

The water, asshole! ” “Is that what this was all about? ” Then he looked at me. Looked back at the bullet hole. ” “You shouldn’t have just tried to take it. That’s not how things work. You can’t just steal other people’s things for your own profit. ” “We didn’t need to steal it for profit. ” “I don’t understand. A bunch of people living forever seems like a pretty happy thing. ” He looked absently into a corner of the room. ” “Fear. ” Baxter smacked me on the side of the head. “Don’t you realize that most people are motivated by fear?

I mounted the robot. “You might want to call an ambulance for her,” I said. ” I didn’t wear a uniform so what I said didn’t really register. They just backed away from the fallen woman, as though her injury were more dangerous than what had caused it. The robot took me up into the sky. It knew exactly where I wanted to go. Thirty-one There was a vacant lot out on the edge of town by the old fairgrounds. There hadn’t been a fair there in years so it was really just a vast stretch of asphalt. Along the way, we flew just over top of the houses, my blood raining down.

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