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By Bhante Vimalaramsi

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Bhante Vimalaramsi is an American Buddhist 28 yr monk with education within the Theravadin culture. After two decades of doing it the opposite direction he came upon the perfect manner via going again to the unique Buddhist Suttas.
This booklet is a compilation of Dhamma Talks he offers on his retreats and contains all of his (The Buddha's) uncomplicated and deeper teachings on find out how to meditate and the levels of practice.
Bhante Vimalaramsi is shaking up the normal methods of educating meditation.

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Thus, one of the main reasons for this book is to show that whenever you suppress anything, you are not purifying mind or experiencing things as they truly are. At the time of suppression, you are pushing away or not allowing part of your experience. Thus, mind is contracted and pulls the tension even tighter instead of expanding and opening. As a result, this is not purifying mind of ignorance and craving. You are actually stopping the purification of mind! ” The Buddha never taught suppression of any experience nor did he teach a meditation that causes mind to fix on or become absorbed into the meditation object.

Now the whole thing with the Buddha’s teaching is to have an uplifted mind all the time. That’s what the Buddha was really interested in. The more you smile and have fun and laugh with yourself for being serious about things, the easier it is to have the perspective so that you don’t get caught by the hindrances for as long a period of time. Now, to the hindrances, there’s five of them: Greedy mind — I like it. I want it. Aversion mind — I don’t like it. I don’t want it. Sleepiness-Dullness — I’m sleepy, I’m dull.

That stops your progress, and then we have to start digging around to figure out what you’re doing, so that we can get you back on the path that has progress in it. It’s real important to just follow these directions without adding anything or subtracting anything. Just follow the six Rs, and smile. ” I don’t care… Why? Because the corners of your mouth are incredibly important. When the corners of your mouth go up, so does your mental state. What’s the point of doing the meditation? To have an uplifted mind, so you can be happy more of the time, and you can start recognizing when you cause yourself suffering, and you can let that go so you can be happier.

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