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By Irwin Rubenstein

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5 hr S I hr 2 . 5 hrs 4 hrs Fig. 12. Effect of cycloheximide preincubation of leaves on susceptibility of oat protoplasts to victorin, as shown by incorporation of 3H~leucine. R = resistant Victory oats; 2 = susceptible Park oats. TABLE 4 Effects of cycloheximide and victorin on incorporation oflH-L-leucine into oat protoplasts. 0 25 11 34 cycloheximide ( 1 ug/ml) hours Change in leucine incorporation (% of control) in leaves pretreated in: 1:10 1:103 1:102 6 32 Toxin dilution Susceptibile (cv.

GALSTON etal. Fig. 11. Response of resistant Victory and susceptible Park oat protoplasts to identical concentration of victorin. (1 hour incubation) A. Victory, control. B. Victory, plus toxin. C. Park, control D. Park, plus toxin. Effect of victorin on incorporation of labelled precursors into macromolecules Victorin greatly inhibited incorporation of leucine into proteins and uridine into RNA of sensitive Park protoplasts, but was much less effective against Victory protoplasts. Thymidine incorporation into DNA over 1-2 hour test periods was virtually unaffected by victorin in both varieties; overnight there was a 20-25% inhibition in both varieties (Tables 1 and 2).

C. N. R. S. #212. , and Ishihara", A. (1968). The regeneration of rice plant Oryza sativa in the callus derived from the seminal root. Proc. Jap. Acad. 44, 549-553. 40 A. W. GALSTON etal. , and Jacobs, M. (1972). Fate of exogenous DNA in Arabidopsis thaliana. II. Evidence for replication and preliminary results at the biological level. In Informative Molecules in Biological Systems. (L. ), pp. 159-175. North Holland. Lieb, H. , Ray, T. , and Still, C. C. (1973). Growth of rice root-derived callus tissue in suspension culture.

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