Penni Al Zayer's Middle Eastern Dance, 2nd Edition (World of Dance) PDF

By Penni Al Zayer

ISBN-10: 1604134828

ISBN-13: 9781604134827

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It was once believed that she was possessed by a spirit herself but was able to help others because she had learned to pacify or control her spirit. Older women have traditionally filled this role because unmarried younger females have not been considered worthy. Religious Dancing 49 Zar musicians and healers perform their ritual in Cairo in June 2006. The Zar trans religious ceremony, which uses drumming and dancing to cure an illness thought to be caused by a demon, is performed across Egypt, though it is practiced as far south as Sudan.

Dances of the Arabian Gulf 63 Hip movements are very subtle and mirror the shoulder movements as the dancers move gracefully around the floor; no sort of hip scarf or belt is ever worn. The dancer holds much of her garment up with her hands; otherwise she would trip on it since the back of it trails onto the floor. The dancer manipulates the weighted fabric, often rhythmically swinging it from side to side. The Khaliji music has a unique sound and is often known as Saudi music in Western countries.

However, many other witnesses of the time admitted to amazement and even grudging admiration for the mastery these women demonstrated over parts of the body for which most people have no control. Although there are still some young women who follow this historical practice of their tribes, it is not as common as it once was; the increase in Islamic fundamentalism has no doubt caused it to be viewed in an extremely unfavorable light. Bou Saada is home to the best-known troupe of contemporary musicians and dancers, and tourists still sometimes visit that area of Algeria.

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