Abhayadatta, Keith Dowman's Masters of Mahamudra: Songs and Histories of the Eighty-Four PDF

By Abhayadatta, Keith Dowman

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When the prince encountered Savaripa, Saraha's disciple, he was immensely impressed by this siddha and begged him for instruction. He received initiation into the Sa'l]lvara-tantra. The initial part of his sadhana was completed when he joined a circle of twenty-four l;>akas and l;>akinis in a rite of offering in a cremation ground which climaxed in consumption of the corpse of a sage. iya~a and began a mendicant sadhu existence. That period ended when, feeling the need for sustained one-pointed meditation practice, he sat down to meditate beside a pile of fish-guts by the banks of the River Ganges in Bengal (Batigala), where he remained until he had attained mahamudra-siddhi.

The king-turned-yogin was handsome and charming, and he had L 34 Masters of Mahamudrli no difficulty in begging his daily needs. Wandering the length of India, eventually he arrived in Vajrasana, where the Buddha Sakyamuni had achieved enlightenment, and there he attached himself to hospitable I)akinis, who transmitted to him their feminine insight. From Vajrasana he travelled to Pataliputra, the king's capital on the River Ganges, where he subsisted on the alms he begged and slept in a cremation ground.

Represent. Further, this basic process of visualization and recitation culminates in the emanation of lights from the yogin's head, throat and heart centers to the corresponding centers in the Guru-Buddha in the sky above, to be reabsorbed with the vitalizing power of the Buddha's three modes of being. c;lala, the Guru's Body, Speech and Mind, and the yogin's experienceY Further elaboration of the visualization includes offerings to the deity, rites of confession, restoration of the samaya pledges, praise and adoration, and other similar functions.

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