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By Dakpo Tashi Naqmgyal

ISBN-10: 8120810643

ISBN-13: 9788120810648

First English Translation of an incredible Tibetan Buddhist paintings, on education complex pupil.

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He begins with a number of subjects that actually combine tranquility and insight but are reckoned by most masters of the tradition as means of stabilizing the mind in preparation for more advanced insight practices. " (The "1"-sense and accompanying assertion of "mine" and "other" is one of our fundamental misunderstandings, upon which all manner of thoughts and emotions base themselves. ) The author discusses practices suitable at beginning stages of meditation, such as those based on mindfulness of body and visualiZation.

The author explains that in the context of advanced practice, absorption refers to spacelike equipoise undisturbed by any dualistic thought, even though the meditator may be walking or talking. Similarly, postabsorption refers to the emergence of thought projections, even though the meditator is still engaged in his formal session. Explaining the subject in general, our author says: the meaning of mahamudrii consists of recognizing the intrinsic nature of every thought or appearance-with no concern for discrimination or nondiscrimination-and then maintaining that awareness unmodulated..

A Reader's Key to the Riches of Mahamudra This Reader's Key is intended to give the general reader an overview of Mahiimudrii and to give a quick orientation to the book's treasury of knowledge. Takpo Tashi Namgyal has written an encyclopedia of mahamudra tradition that is considered one ofthe classics on the stages of meditation for the Kagyii lineage. On the one hand, this book is a technical reference work for practitioners and teachers of meditation. However, it deserves a much wider readership.

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