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But which is the true religion and the true science? There is no doubt that a definite relationship exists between Man and the cause that called humanity into existence, and a true religion and a true science must be the one which teaches the true terms of that relation. If we take a superficial view of the various religious systems of the world, we find them all apparently contradicting each other. find a great mass of apparent superstitions and absurdities heaped upon a grain of something that may be true.

Children should not linger over their picture-books so long as to neglect their higher education. Humanity has outgrown the infancy of its present cycle, and asks for more intellectual food ; the age of superstition is passing away, and the demand is not for opinions but for knowledge, and The knowledge cannot be obtained without an effort. expressed opinion of one person can only give rise to knowledge in another, if corroborated by the same or a similar experience of the latter. A person can only truly believe that which he knows, and he can only actually know that which he has perceived.

Are all Mediums, through which an universal Will which causes Life acts. He who thinks that he has any power whatever of his own, thinks foolish ; for all the powers he has are lent him by nature, or more correctly speaking by that eternal spiritual power, which acts in and from the centre of nature, and which men have called " God," because they We have found it to be the source of all good. No one will deny that Man, besides having physical powers, is also temporally endowed with mental and We love, respect or obey a person, spiritual energies.

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