Download e-book for iPad: Low Temperature Physics-LT 13: Volume 3: Superconductivity by J. K. Hulm, R. D. Blaugher (auth.), K. D. Timmerhaus, W. J.

By J. K. Hulm, R. D. Blaugher (auth.), K. D. Timmerhaus, W. J. O’Sullivan, E. F. Hammel (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1468426885

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ISBN-10: 1468426907

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Also, it can be seen that the appropriate value of (r 2 )err is of the order of 2 and d2 for the perpendicular and parallel field cases, respectively. As a result, we have e M. L. ::: (d/e) x3 o oc const (17a) (17b) In fact, the experimental data show essentially no effect in the parallel orientation, and a perpendicular susceptibility which fits the (T- Tc)- 1 dependence of(17a) much better than the (T- Tc)- 1 ' 2 dependence of (14~ which would be appropriate to the three-dimensional case. Thus in these experiments observations of ßuctuation diamagnetism above Tc are starting to be used as an analytic tool in prohing the dimensionality of the superconducting correlations.

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Low Temperature Physics-LT 13: Volume 3: Superconductivity by J. K. Hulm, R. D. Blaugher (auth.), K. D. Timmerhaus, W. J. O’Sullivan, E. F. Hammel (eds.)

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