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By Robin Wells

The difficulty Magnet...

Nicknamed "Tornado Ali," 26-year-old Ali McAlester has a historical past of attracting chaos like Pigpen draws dirt---but she desires to turn out that she's a able and powerfuble inside designer.

...And The Uber-Left-brained Bachelor

Matt Jordan likes his lifestyles well-ordered and thoroughly deliberate. He does not like surprises-- and he certainly does not just like the notion of a chaos-wreaking lady taking up her past due brother's 1/2 his domestic construction business.

Sometimes opposites not just attract--they spontaneously combust!

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Lauren nodded, her short auburn curls bouncing up and down. ” Ali grimaced. ” “That’s because you haven’t gotten involved with the right one yet,” Lauren reassured her. “I think it’s more than that. ” Lauren’s eyebrows arced up and she leaned forward with avid interest. “Oh, really? ” Trust Lauren to put a sexual twist on her statement—especially since she knew Ali had limited experience in that department. Ali shot her friend a censoring look. ” Lauren smiled at Ali fondly. “They probably view you as a challenge.

Matt eyed the dog suspiciously. As far as he could tell, the creature looked like an everyday, run-of-the-mill mutt. ” Ali stroked the dog’s head. “He knows lots of tricks. ” “Uh-huh. I see,” said Matt. His tone implied he didn’t see at all. ” “His trainer took him to the SPCA. ” Ali shook her head. ” Was she for real? Matt shook his head at her. “It defies the imagination,” he said dryly. “Well, thanks for catching him,” Ali said. ” Matt was about to make a sarcastic reply, but her smile was so warm that the words stuck in his throat.

And he’s right. ” “Well, there’s nothing sweet about the way Matt refuses to consider my ideas for the development,” Ali grumbled. “I’m sure you’ll bring him around,” Lauren reassured her. ” Lauren gave her a sly grin over the rim of her coffee cup. ” Ali stared at her friend. Her stomach gave a sudden lurch, as if she’d just gone over a hill at a high speed. ” “He thought you two might hit it off. That’s why he was trying to get you to come back to Hillsboro last summer. ” Ali’s head swam as she recalled the insistent phone calls she’d received from Robert and Lauren.

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