Lord of the Iron Fortress (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 by Andy Collins PDF

By Andy Collins

ISBN-10: 078692652X

ISBN-13: 9780786926527

Great threat Wrought in Secrecy

Legendary forgemasters now serve an evil warlord and his darkish goal. Their hammers ring upon anvils devoted to remaking a bad weapon that was once destroyed in a while gone. because the very destiny of the realm is being formed, merely the most powerful heroes can shatter the diabolical plan.

Lord of the Iron fort is a stand-alone event for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Designed to problem 15th-level D&D heroes, it opens the perilous gateway to planar travel.

To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual.

Lord of the Iron fort is the 7th event in a chain of 8 designed to take gamers from the newbie to complex degrees of play (although no different adventures want be performed to play this one). Lord of the Iron Fortress includes an extra sixteen pages of content material for a similar cost as prior adventures.

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18. LYDZIN’S QUARTERS (EL 9) Lydzin doesn’t entertain visitors, and the residents of the fortress generally give her a wide berth. Trap: Lydzin has carefully inscribed a symbol of fear on the door to her chamber. It is triggered by anyone touching the door or passing through the doorway. ) aSymbol of Fear: CR 9; all creatures within 60-foot burst affected by the fear spell; Will save negates (DC 25); Search (DC 33); Disable Device (DC 33). This lavishly decorated chamber is festooned with silk wall hangings.

The air here seems cooler than elsewhere on this level. The walls are torn and shredded, leaving sharp edges everywhere. A bed of spikes is in one corner of the room. Hastature has no possessions other than what he carries on him, so there is nothing of value here. 9E. The Great Guardian (EL 16) A Huge blade golem guards access to the upper level of the Iron Fortress. The landing is 20 feet above the floor of area 9, and the ceiling of the landing is a full 20 feet high to give the golem plenty of room.

The pit fiend then traded Zalatian’s service to Imperagon for other favors, and now the fallen archon serves the Lord of the Iron Fortress. As far as Zalatian has fallen, he isn’t irredeemable. Though initially hostile, if a goodaligned PC can adjust his attitude to helpful (without charming him or otherwise controlling his actions), he turns on his former allies. Paladins and clerics of good deities gain a +2 circumstance bonus on this check, since they remind him of his former glory. Award XP for this as if the PCs had defeated him in combat.

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