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By Lee Bok

ISBN-10: 1905102208

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Have you ever received 'nuff bling?' Are you 'well phat?'Do you haven't any thought what that suggests? then you definitely want The Little ebook of Chav converse to unencumber the most recent hip lingo hitting the streets.

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Diss verb A contraction of the English term ‘disrespect’. ‘Dissing’ a Chav / Chavette is easy and will frustrate him / her greatly as he / she will not be able think fast enough to come up with a response. Some excellent ‘disses’ to be used on Chavs are: 30 • You look like your mum. • Your signet ring isn’t from Argos. • Your dad hasn’t been to prison. • Your trainers look old. • Why do your trainers have four stripes? • Why can your family breathe under water and swim really fast? ) 31 dog adjective / noun i) Adjective.

The person who committed the act of ‘grassing’. Being a grass almost certainly guarantees being beaten up. iii) Noun. Marijuana. 45 H hat noun A popular fashion accessory worn by most Chavs to conceal their identity from CCTV cameras in petrol stations, shopping centres, football stadiums and prison lineups across the country. ’ An extremely popular expression used by Chavs at the end of ‘sentences’ in order to qualify their previous statement. ’ 47 J joint noun The preferred method of consuming marijuana used by Chavs.

59 microwave noun Item found in every Chav kitchen in the country. All meals in Chav households are prepared using this technological wonder. Apparently you put cold food in for 30 seconds and it comes out hot enough to melt steel. Believe. 60 mint adjective Euphemism used to describe the condition of a recently purchased / stolen Nova saloon or Mk2 Fiesta. If said vehicle comes equipped with either neon underlighting or blacked-out windows, it can be said to be ‘well mint’. 61 minger noun A euphemistic term to describe the more beautiful of the Chavettes.

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