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This ebook comprises between different issues, advancements of rules steered in my papers "Pseudo-units in phonetics" and "On linguistic terminology" learn to the Congresses in Prague and Bucharest (both 1967) and in my publication Linguistische Ein­ heiten im Rahmen der modernen Sprachwissenschaft (1966), which, in its flip, comprises principles contained in earlier papers. it really is my trust that devices and relatives among devices are the elemental linguistic evidence to be defined. devices needs to be outlined relating to different devices, i.e. as components of platforms. family members or platforms comprise as components devices having a few "positive" definition (and no longer purely a "negative" one), i.e. devices have describable gains which might be in comparison with positive aspects of alternative devices. it isn't adequate to set up that assorted devices are functionally various yet one should also describe intimately the nature of the adaptation among them. A language has a paradigmatic method, i.e. a community of paradigmatic relatives, and a syntagmatic method, i.e. a community of syntagmatic kinfolk. Following J. Baudouin de Courtenay, F. de Saussure, N. S. Trubetzkoy, L. Hjelms­ lev and such a lot of others i believe that the adaptation among shape and substance, be­ tween devices and their realizations, henceforth known as goods, will be emphasised. a transparent reputation of language proof ends up in a greatly elevated variety of devices and goods. it will no longer amaze anyone having no less than an intuitive less than­ status of the gigantic complexity of a traditional language.

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40-41,42)54 has not been taken into account up to this point. At least in the description of English and other "western" languages this notion is rarely necessary. It is certainly less important than the notion of allomorph (which as a matter of fact was taken into account in 2). It would be easy to make allolexes part of the above (and assign to them prosodemes) but it might be simpler to equate allolexes with lexemes in descriptions of prosodemes 55. lexeme prosodeme = {lex prosode 1, ••. , lex prosoden } lexeme prosodeme component = {lex prosode component 1, ••• , lex prosode componenta} 54 In Swedish the imperfect of the verb betala can be betalade, betalde, betalte or betala.

Cf. p. 82). 2. If more than one sociolect within a language were studied one would have to add terms such as the more general socioprosodeme, socioprosode, socioprosodeme component, socioprosode component. In addition, one would need the more specific terms sociosyllabeme prosodeme, socioallosyllab prosodeme, sociosyllab prosode, etc. (cf. p. 43); sociolexeme prosodeme, sociolex prosode, etc. (cf. p. 55); sociosyntagmeme prosodeme, idiosyntagm pros ode, etc. (cf. p. 82). 3. If several dialects are included in the study, one can establish diaprosodemes.

Syllabeme prosodeme component,,} 2. Morphemes usually have no prosodemes. If needed in some language, morph prosodes, allomorph prosodemes and morpheme prosodemes and components of these could, however, be established. The term allomorpheme will be introduced below (p. 47) to designate a set of allomorphs that are similar in regard to their segments, which are variphones and varisyllabs. Such a set of allomorphs would have an allomorpheme prosodeme. The equally new term morphememe could be reserved for sets such as the independent (or free) morphemes and the dependent (or bound) morphemes.

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