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By Robert M. Pirsig

ISBN-10: 0307764214

ISBN-13: 9780307764218

During this best-selling new e-book, his first in seventeen years, Robert M. Pirsing, writer of Zen and the paintings of bike upkeep, takes us on a poignant and passionate trip as mysterious and compelling as his first life-changing paintings.

Instead of a bike, a sailboat includes his philosopher-narrator Phaedrus down the Hudson River as iciness closes in. alongside the best way he alternatives up a impossible touring spouse: a girl named Lila who in her determined sexuality, hostility, and oncoming insanity threatens to disrupt his life.

In Lila Robert M. Pirsing has crafted a different paintings of experience and ideas that examines the fundamental problems with the nineties as his prior vintage did the seventies.

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