New PDF release: Judo Formal Techniques: A Complete Guide to Kodokan Randori

By Tadao Otaki, Donn F. Draeger

This entire guide at the uncomplicated formal ideas of Kodokan Judo, the Randori no Kata, presents the basic guideline in nage and katame no kata (throwing and grappling) that's necessary to powerful judo. With over six hundred pictures and four hundred drawings, Judo Formal Techniques provides entire step by step descriptions of the jobs of either education companions. as well as throwing and grappling, the real transitional events, in addition to grips, stances, and postures, are defined. The authors have, by means of learning the printed and unpublished own writings of Jigoro Kano (the founding father of Kodokan Judo), been capable of recapture the unique spirit and cause of the judo kata, which they found in the normal Kodokan types, as subtle by means of generations of grasp judoka.

Expertly written and richly illustrated, Judo Formal Techniques is the vintage "kata bible" for judo pupil and teacher alike and a huge source for martial arts practitioners open air the nation-states of judo and jujutsu.

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Its core entity, kata, reflects this q uality of flexibility inasmuch as it is designed to allow those who, though poor in health, of advanced age, or lacking access to training facilities, wish to continue their study and practice. The physical demands of kata are less than those imposed by randori, and therefore kata allows judoists to practice over a protracted period without undue fatigue. Kata is an ideal way for inj ured or older persons to continue healthful activity. In addition, it may be practiced outside the dojo and without any special costume.

All instructors of Kodokan had to master these kata prio1· to being graduated as instructors. The most important things about kata today, I believe, include the understanding that it is a valuable training method when correctly used. It is essential to practice kata so that taisabaki and kuzushi blend as one movement, rather than letting them appear to be separate. Kata must provide the chance for one to perform in passive and active roles in uninterrupted action; we "feel," "grip," "yield," and "resist," all in proportion to the execution of honestly executed technique.

I require my students to study kata as long as possible, usually after each randori session of each day. " In Katame no Kata, I stress to those whom I am teaching the manner of controlling an opponent according to his movements. AKIRA KAMINAGA, 7th Dan; All-Japan Judo Champion, 1960, 1961, 1964: My kata skill was built up during my university days because my instructors required me to practice Nage no Kata even as a first dan. Katame no Kata was practiced after reaching the second dan rank. I enjoyed both very much, but it was not until I was selected to be a special member of the kenshusei [Kodokan research division] that I realized the true importance ofkata.

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