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By W. Bruce Sutherland

Ju-Jitsu Self-Defence: a range of Ju-Jitsu and different mystery holds, locks and throws. the aim of this ebook is to explain and illustrate a couple of ju-jitsu pursuits which are without problems realized and simply practised, and that are to be most probably of such a lot carrier to the readers. The quantity given is enough to offer a really whole armour of defence opposed to the standard risks of assault.

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When describing any block/punch Complex Attack, the word Da, which means “to strike,” can be substituted for “Yut” Jee Choong Kuen or Cheh Kuen, which are both terms for the Wing Chun vertical fist. When the word Da is used after any block, it is understood that the block named is being executed simultaneously with a vertical punch. As an example, Tan Da means a simultaneous palm-up block/vertical fist. If, however, the strike is not a standard vertical punch, the strike must be named after the word Da.

Ngoy Toang Hock Tuen Geet Loke Kwun Love your fellow students—be united and avoid conflicts. Jeet Sick Yoke Boh Sau Jing Sun Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures—preserve the proper spirit. Kun Leen Jop Gay But Lay Sun Train diligently—maintain your skills. Hock Yeung Hay Gai Lum Dau Jung Learn to develop spiritual tranquility—abstain from arguments and fights. Syeung Chue Sai Tai Doh Wun Mun Participate in society—be conservative and gentle in your manners. Foo Yeuk Siu Yee Moh Foo Yun Help the weak and the very young—use your martial skills for the good of humanity.

Power comes from a relaxed circle of the wrist followed by a sharp 45° outward snap of the pinched thumb and forefinger as the elbow raises. Although primarily used as a transitional motion between techniques or as a “retrap,” Huen Sau can also be considered a Fook family block, as is the case when the last three fingers are used as part of a hooking trap to the wrist, forearm or elbow of the opponent. 17A B C Photos 18A and B—Two views of Loy Jut Sau, the Inside “Jerking Hand”—So named because of its sharp “yanking” effect on the opponent’s arm, Jut Sau is a Fook family motion that uses a palm-down pull along the Immovable Elbow Line to “borrow power” from the opponent while pulling him forward and off-balance.

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