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I’m curious enough to know what you have in mind that you can have them for free,” his voice had taken on a low, silky tone. It seemed to stroke me right down the middle. I swear my body ached to arch into that sweet, sweet voice. “No, really, I can pay you. We’ll be partners…. I’ll need to borrow a stove…” I struggled to form a thought other than the one that screamed in my brain… kiss me. Please kiss me. For the love of all things holy, kiss me. My throat was dry. My chest hurt. He really was leaning closer; it wasn’t just my imagination.

He was funny and his voice made me feel happy. So maybe I was borrowing trouble, but I let myself forget for one afternoon that we were anything other than just an ordinary man and an ordinary woman. I heard the rumble of a boat’s motor before I saw the boat. Out of instinct, I froze, trying to figure out who was heading our way. “Looks like the game warden. You’d better get your fishing license out,” Charlie put his pole down and pulled his wallet out of his pocket. ” Shoot. I hadn’t thought of that.

Sweaty and aching after long days of laboring in the sun, tempers would flare each evening. Mary’s friendship had probably saved my life on more than one of those evenings. It had certainly saved my sanity. “Excuse me,” I hopped to my feet as tears sprang to my eyes. I was angry with myself for marring such a lovely day, but I also couldn’t stop the tumult of emotions. Somehow I managed to find the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and took a few steadying breaths. When I was pretty sure I had a better grip on myself, I wandered back to the porch.

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