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3 What does it mean to say that each strand of a duplex DNA molecule has a polarity? What does it mean to say that the paired strands in a duplex molecule have opposite polarity? 4 What is the end result of replication of a duplex DNA molecule? 5 What is the role of the messenger RNA in translation? What is the role of the ribosome? What is the role of transfer RNA? Is there more than one type of ribosome? Is there more than one type of transfer RNA? 6 What important observation about S and R strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae prompted Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty to study this organism?

The DNA fragments produced by a restriction enzyme can be separated by electrophoresis, isolated, sequenced, and manipulated in other ways. • Separated strands of DNA or RNA that are complementary in nucleotide sequence can come together (hybridize) spontaneously to form duplexes. • DNA replication takes place only by elongation of the growing strand in the 5'-to-3' direction through the addition of successive nucleotides to the 3' end. • In the polymerase chain reaction, short oligonucleotide primers are used in successive cycles of DNA replication to amplify selectively a particular region of a DNA duplex.

Children with the disease have severe mental deficits unless they are treated with a special diet low in phenylalanine. Most visible traits of organisms result from many genes acting together in combination with environmental factors. The relationship between genes and traits is often complex because (1) every gene potentially affects many traits (pleiotropy), (2) every trait is potentially affected by many genes, and (3) many traits are significantly affected by environmental factors as well as by genes.

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