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Why do we care about the idea of causation and correlation? In your answer, include (and define) the idea of spurious relationship. Describe the study reported in the text about the Aka and Ngandu peoples. Why was this study used as an example? Why didn’t the researchers use more qualitative methods in their research? □□ Key Terms Personal inquiry Personal experiences Personal experiential reality Sample bias Sample Population Biased Systematic and random distortion Agreement reality Reporting inaccuracy Outliers Overgeneralizing Research goals Research strategies Tactics Health Quantitative research strategy Causation Correlation 34 Introduction to Family Processes Spurious relationship Constructs Variables Empiricism Field research Participant observation In-depth interviews Focus group Polygyny Reliability Validity Saturation Lived experience □□ Suggested Readings Babbie, E.

How do your values and beliefs fit into your answer? What role did research play in your ­conclusion? Have you actually read studies about day care and its effects (or lack of effects) on children? Even if you did read a well-crafted research article about this topic—and it differed from your view—would you hold to what you believe or could your belief or ideal be shaken by research? All of these are important questions that we hope to explore within this chapter. We begin by reminding you that your personal opinion about any issue is very complex and its sources are varied and difficult to identify.

Give an example of sample bias and show how that bias could render research findings problematic. What is the difference between a strategy and a tactic according to the text? Define what is meant by quantitative research. What is the difference between a construct and a variable? Explain each and provide a an example (not found in the text) of each. Contrast the idea of empirical or quantitative research with that of qualitative field research. What are the two primary types of field research explained in the text?

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