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By K.W. Jeon and M. Friedlander (Eds.)

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Fig. 43. An elongate spermatid and attached ectoplasmic specialization of a ground squirrel were detergent-extracted and treated with the S1 fragment of the myosin molecule. The nucleus of the spermatid is indicated by the N. Notice that filaments in the ectoplasmic specialization (asterisk) of the Sertoli cell are all labeled with the S l and that the filaments are arranged in a unipolar fashion; that is, the arrowhead patterns formed by the binding of S1 to the filaments point in the same direction, as indicated by the smallarrows, on all the filaments.

Byers, S. , and Stevenson, B. (1988). J. Cell Biol. 107, 170a. , and Casale, A. (1987). Gamete Res. 17,97-105. , and Casale, A. (1986). Eur. J. Cell Biol. 42, 311-318. , and Cifarelli, M. (1987). Eur. J . Cell Biol. 45,274-281. , Bunini, A. , and Pallini, V. (1979). J . Submicrosc. Cytol. 11,53-71. , and Martinez-Palomo, A. (1981). Am. J . Physiol. 240, C96-C102. Christensen, A. K. (1965). Anat. Rec. 151,335a. Clarke, G . , and Yanagimachi, R. (1978). J . Exp. Zool. 205, 125-132. Clarke, G. , and Clarke, F.

Apical movement of spermatocytes through the blood-testis barrier begins in late stage VII (Russell, 1977a). Evidence that the filament network in Sertoli cell cytoplasm surrounding tubulobulbar processes contains F-actin comes from experiments in which NBD-phallacidin and S1 are used as probes. Adjacent to the concave aspect of the late spermatid heads of the rat, two rows of columnar structures are visible when fixed material is stained with NBD-phallacidin (Figs. 35, 36). These structures occur in the same position that tubulobulbar complexes are observed in electron micrographs (Russell and Clermont, 1976).

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