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By Julie Miller, Molly O'Neill, Nancy Hyde

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96 Ϫ144 Write the mixed number as an improper fraction, and multiply by the reciprocal of the second number. 1 31 5 ϭ aϪ b 10 2 2 ϭϪ d. 31 Ϫ31 31 ϭ ϭ 4 4 Ϫ4 31 4 Different signs. The quotient is negative. Ϫ8 8 ϭ Ϫ7 7 Same signs. The quotient is positive. Because 7 does not divide into 8 evenly, the answer can be left as a fraction. Skill Practice Divide. 13. 42 Ϫ2 14. Ϫ28 Ϫ4 2 15. Ϫ Ϭ 4 3 16. Ϫ1 Ϫ2 4. Exponential Expressions To simplify the process of repeated multiplication, exponential notation is often used.

Description of set Set-builder notation: {x | x is an odd number between 0 and 8} “the set of ” “all x” “such that” “x is an odd number between 0 and 8” Several sets of numbers are used extensively in algebra. The numbers you are familiar with in day-to-day calculations are elements of the set of real numbers. These numbers can be represented graphically on a horizontal number line with a point labeled as 0. Positive real numbers are graphed to the right of 0, and negative real numbers are graphed to the left.

Positive b. Negative. 10. If a number is negative, then its absolute value will be a. Positive b. Negative. 12. Complete the table. 11. Complete the table. 3 219 For Exercises 13–20, fill in the blank with the appropriate symbol 1 6, 7, ϭ2. ) 13. Ϫ 06 0 ______ 0Ϫ6 0 14. Ϫ1Ϫ52 ______ Ϫ 0 Ϫ5 0 15. 0 Ϫ4 0 ______ 04 0 16. Ϫ 02 0 ______ 1Ϫ22 17. Ϫ 0Ϫ1 0 ______ 1 19. 02 ϩ 1Ϫ52 0 ______ 02 0 ϩ 0Ϫ5 0 20. 0 4 ϩ 3 0 ______ 04 0 ϩ 03 0 18. qxd 7/14/09 11:20 AM Page 28 INTERM— 28 Chapter R Review of Basic Algebraic Concepts Concept 2: Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers For Exercises 21–36, add or subtract as indicated.

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