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By McGrew, Currie.

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30 Take any two of the standard four equations, such as substitute into the other: v xi = v xf − a x t x f − xi = R| S|x T v xf = v xi + a x t f − xi = 1 v xi + v xf 2 c U| ht V|W. Solve one for v 1 v xf − a x t + v xf t . 2 c h Thus 1 x f − xi = v xf t − a x t 2 . 60 m s 2 ( 4. 10 m s . 0 m s is found from v f = vi + at . 0 s . 0 s . (b) The average velocity is the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken. 0)= 100 m . 0)+ 0 = 400 m. 0 m. 7 m s . 50 ×10−2 m . 67 ×10−5 s . 35 (a) Along the time axis of the graph shown, let i = 0 and f = t m .

5 m . 3 m s 2 upward . 00 s after the first stone is thrown. 4 m In walking a distance ∆x , in a time ∆t , the length of rope A is only increased by ∆x sin θ . ∆x sin θ . 82% . 2 v= (b) so f 2 v boy h ,0 v boy , 0 I JK c h FIG. 00 m s v = However, x = v boy t : ∴ v = (a) (b) v boy x ∆x x sin θ = v boy = . 12 A ∆t x 2 + h2 c 2 v boy t c 2 v boy t2 +h (a) = c 4t 4t 2 + 36 h 12 . 71 FIG. 73 h 2 12 h 2 h 2 v boy cx 2 +h h 2 3 2 = 2 h 2 v boy c 2 v boy t2 +h h 2 3 2 = c4t 144 2 + 36 h 32 . 30 3. 18 4.

57) from the 2a intersection of length s i when the light turns yellow, the distance the car must travel before the light turns red is v2 ∆x = sstop + si = v 0 ∆t r − 0 + si . ). The time the light should remain yellow is then the time required for the car to travel distance ∆x at constant velocity v 0 . This is v2 ∆t light (b) v s ∆x v 0 ∆t r − 20a + si = = = ∆t r − 0 + i . 278 m s K 60 km h 2 6. 23 s . 59 (a) (b) As we see from the graph, from about −50 s to 50 s Acela is cruising at a constant positive velocity in the +x direction.

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