Rosa Luxemburg's Indicators of Equal Employment Opportunity: Status and PDF

By Rosa Luxemburg

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Presents info at the hard work strength, employment, unemployment and discouraged staff, and profits.

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318). 42 We leave the discussion, at the end of Section II, at the same point where we entered it, with the clue to the inducement to invest still to find. Section III is broader, more vigorous and in general more rewarding than the two preceding parts. It opens with a return to Marx’s model for a capitalist system with accumulation going on. Our author then sets out a fresh model allowing for technical progress. The rate of exploitation (the ratio of surplus to wages) is rising, for real wages remain constant while output per man increases.

57 Cf. A Survey of Contemporary Economics (ed. Ellis), p. 63. xxxvii Section I The Problem of Reproduction 1 THE OBJECT OF OUR INVESTIGATION Karl Marx made a contribution of lasting service to the theory of economics when he drew attention to the problem of the reproduction of the entire social capital. It is significant that in the history of economics we find only two attempts at an exact exposition of this problem: one by Quesney, the father of the Physiocrats, at its very inception; and in its final stage this attempt by Marx.

In all these cases the causes of these interruptions of reproduction obviously lay in the onesided determination of the plan of reproduction by those in power. Societies which produce according to capitalist methods present a different picture. We observe that in certain periods all the ingredients 5 6 the problem of reproduction of reproduction may be available, both labour and means of production, and yet some vital needs of society for consumer goods may be left unfulfilled. We find that in spite of these resources reproduction may in part be completely suspended and in part curtailed.

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Indicators of Equal Employment Opportunity: Status and Trends by Rosa Luxemburg

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