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This article presents an advent to the most colleges of Indian philosophy inside either the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It analyzes the colleges' diverse doctrines and compares their techniques to precise philosophical subject matters - ontology, epistemology, belief, realization, and construction and causality. It additionally seems at contributions via person thinkers, resembling Bhartrhari who helped introduce linguistic research into Indian philosophy; and Asanga the believed founding father of the Yogacara or ''Practice of Yoga'' tuition.

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Gradually, the use of Tibetan terms is being replaced by local vernacular. For example, the gompa (Tibetan: dgon pa) is now more often called a shrine room or meditation hall. Chandrakirti Centre started off in 1993 in a rented venue called Friends House, a Quaker facility in central Toronto. From the mid- to late nineties, the center occupied various small sites in different areas of the city. Over this time, its membership grew, and it eventually settled into a large Victorian house on Parkside Drive in the city’s High Park district, where it remained for several years.

For him, teaching is a practice. “I love teaching, because I have to practice what I teach. It keeps reminding me of the path and it allows me to create enough merit to gain the actual realizations. ” In this way, he feels he becomes a role model: He is not teaching only through his words but through his own commitment to the practices and ethics of his tradition. ” outreach Many of the regular events at Chandrakirti Centre and almost all of them at Friends of the Heart are structured as classes.

This center, also based in Tibetan-style Buddhism, is situated in an old Protestant church and, until major renovations began in the summer of 2007, much of the feel of that church remained. Shrines adorned with several different statues and three sets of eight offering bowls occupy the former chancel. More than half of the pews have been removed at the front of the nave and replaced by one row of meditation mats and cushions and three long rows of chairs. From twenty to thirty people attend the Tuesday night class at this center.

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