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By Chris Warr, Joe Kremzer

ISBN-10: 1741146305

ISBN-13: 9781741146301

Chris and Joe take to the line, traveling the highways and byways of Australia on a quest to find what grew to become of the Holden Piazza - most likely the dodgiest automobile ever to be imported into Australia. A boys' personal experience of automobiles, cricket remark, unbelievable adventures or even extra inconceivable characters.

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Nup, haven’t got anything for those either I’m afraid. ’ ‘Er, not sure . . ’ I replied as Joe ran out the door and round the block to where Alyce was parked to ascertain the size of her tread. He came back with the seemingly appropriate answer of 195/60 R1485. ‘Nup, haven’t got any of them’ was the seemingly inappropriate answer from the manager. ’ We thanked him for his time but declined, as we had a schedule to stick to—we were soon to leave for Adelaide and didn’t feel that we could afford to wait around for a couple of full-price tyres.

Simple response, really: he likes it, it has never caused him any trouble—and it was free after all. Cary, Lyn, Chris and I ran around our two cars snapping away with our cameras like tourists at an unfeasibly large fruit-shaped landmark until the time came for us to push on and continue the quest. We presented Cary and Lyn with a bottle of fine Tassie Pinot and he in turn presented us with a faithful re-creation of a photo taken the day the Youngs took delivery of their Piazza. The photo Cary handed us was exactly the same as one adorning his hallway wall, right down to the Seinfeld-style jeans-andrunners combo, with the only difference being a bit of a grey tinge to the trademark beard.

After storming around our now empty vehicle, swearing profusely and lamenting ‘the worst f*cking idea you’ve ever had Warr’, I remembered my girlfriend’s parents had furnished us with a fairly comprehensive tool kit. ’ 3 I’d always thought that Danni’s parents liked me, but thankfully it seemed they liked me enough to donate enough equipment to ensure that I would make it back in one piece. Then again, maybe they were hoping that having enough tools would help take me far, far away from their daughter .

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