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Eastman was once a local American doctor, author, nationwide lecturer, and reformer. He was once of Santee Sioux and Anglo-American ancestry. lively in politics and concerns on American Indian rights, he labored to enhance the lives of youths and based 32 local American chapters of the younger Men's Christian organization (YMCA).

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For this reason, testing should also follow a different approach. Rather than trying to account for all possible situations to verify that the system is flawless, one should structure the system so as to make it able to dynamically adapt itself to face any unexpected situation. To be successful, any approach to designing and developing a system capable of exhibiting the above characteristics should rely on the choice of a proper coordination model and by a corresponding supporting middleware infrastructure.

Traffic management and forklift activity in a warehouse, where navigatorequipped vehicles can guide their pilots on what to do; mobile robots and unmanned vehicles exploring an environment; spray computers having to organize their relative positions and activity patterns; software agents exploring the Web, where mobile software agents coordinate distributed researches on various Web sites. Therefore, all our considerations will be of a more general validity. 3 Inadequacy of Current Approaches in Supporting Coordination Most coordination models and middleware used so far in the development of distributed applications appear, in our opinion, inadequate in supporting coordination activities in dynamic network scenarios, such as those described in the previous chapter and in the above case study.

Different morphogens are used for determining the dorsal-ventral axis, wing and limb development, and even leg bristle polarity. Gradients of morphogens are believed to play an important role in providing position and polarity information in many different organisms, and even in regeneration [156]. The concept of morphogen gradients can be clearly assimilated to that of fields in field-based coordination. In fact, a morphogen gradient resembles a distributed data structure that propagates through a network, by changing its values as it propagates.

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