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How are our societies being reworked by way of web and electronic economics? This ebook offers an available creation to the economics of the web and a complete account of the mechanisms of the electronic economic system. major students study the unique financial and enterprise types being built as a result net process, and discover their impression on our economies and societies.

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Form of suggest and unhappy comics approximately being burnt out.

This is switched over from the Gumroad PDF, but the caliber is scanned risograph pages.

Internetworking: Technological Foundations and Applications - download pdf or read online

This ebook is meant to function a accomplished and instructive consultant throughout the new international of electronic communique. at the actual layer optical and electric cabling expertise are defined in addition to instant conversation applied sciences. at the facts hyperlink layer neighborhood region networks (LANs) are brought including the preferred LAN applied sciences similar to Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and ATM in addition to instant LAN applied sciences together with IEEE 802.

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Of course, this part is a little tricky because you haven’t explored the XHTML standard yet. Hang on—help is on the way in the following sections. 3. When you finish your Web page, save the document (a simple File ➝ Save usually does it). html (which they inherit from the original HTML standard). html. Strictly speaking, these extensions aren’t necessary, because browsers are perfectly happy displaying Web pages with any file extension. You’re free to choose any file extension you want for your Web pages.

In fact, professional Web developers often use this trick to check out the work of their competitors. Creating Your Own XHTML Files Here’s one of the best-kept secrets of Web page writing: You don’t need a live Web site to start creating your own Web pages. That’s because you can easily build and test Web pages using only your own computer. In fact, you don’t even need an Internet connection. Chapter 2: Creating Your First Page 27 The Anatomy of a Web Page POWER USERS’ CLINIC Going Beyond XHTML • Browser plug-ins.

And different monitors are only part of the problem—today’s Web pages need to work on different types of devices. Lee Park’s future boss might view Parks’ résumé on anything from the latest laptop to a fixed-width terminal to a Web-enabled cellphone. To deal with this range of display options, XHTML uses elements to define the structure of your document. ” It’s then up to the browser to display the page according to the instructions contained in your XHTML. To correct the résumé example, you need to use more paragraph elements and two new container elements:

    Indicates the start of an unordered list.

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