How a Theravadin Buddhist Chinese Funeral May Be Conducted by Phikkhu Suwanno, Bhikkhu. Visuddhacara PDF

By Phikkhu Suwanno, Bhikkhu. Visuddhacara

ISBN-10: 9839382020

ISBN-13: 9789839382020

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8. 9. 10. 11. Life is unpredictable and uncertain in this world. It is difficult and brief and bound up with suffering. A being, once born, is going to die and there is no way out of this. When old age arrives, or some other cause, then there is death. This is the way it is with beings. When fruits become ripe, they may fall in the early morning. In just the same way a being, once born, may die at any moment. Just as the clay pots made by the potter have breaking up as their end, so it is with the life of mortals.

57 Sakka, greatly impressed by the answers he received, said: “All of you have carefully dwelt on the thought of death. I am Sakka, the king of heaven. Henceforth, you are not to labour any more. I will bless you with treasures in countless abundance. ” And thus, filling their house with countless treasures, he departed from them. Note: The Jatakas are stories of the Buddha’s previous lives. Before he became a Buddha, he was called a bodhisatta, a being aspiring for enlightenment. The Jatakas are primarily considered folk stories which are told to bring home moral truths.

With the cessation of craving, grasping ceases. With the cessation of grasping, becoming ceases. With the cessation of becoming, birth ceases. With the cessation of birth, ageing and death together with sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair, cease. Thus, does this entire bundle of suffering cease. ‡†‡‡†‡ 46 Upasamànussati Recollection of Peace Aniccà vata sankhàrà. Uppàda-vaya-dhammino. Uppajjitvà nirujhanti. Tesaü våpasamo sukho. Impermanent are all conditioned things. Of a nature to arise and pass away.

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