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By Heraclitus

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This can be the 1st English translation of the one prolonged historical treatise on Homer that survives at the present time. It presents an in depth allegorical dialogue of debatable passages within the Iliad and the Odyssey and is a mine of knowledge on historical ways to allegory and to literary feedback.

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Il. 48–49. 3. Il. 50 4. ), the “Scourge of Homer” (Homeromastix), wrote several books pointing out foolish things in the epics; our passage = 71F5 FGH. 5 eÃpeiq', oÁ kaiì ma=llon a)lhqe/j e)stin, oi¸ me\n aÃnqrwpoi metarsi¿oij taiÍj a)napnoaiÍj to\n kaqarw¯taton eÀlkontej a)e/ra bradu/teron a(li¿skontai t%¤ pa/qei, ta\ d' e)piì gh=j e)rrimme/na z%¤a tou\j nosw¯deij e)keiÍqen a)tmou\j eu)mare/steron eÀlkei. 6 Pa/nu ge mh\n a)lhqw¤j ou)k e)n a)rti¿oij h(me/raij th\n a)pallagh\n th=j no/sou dedh/lwken, a)ll' e)n perittaiÍj: 'Ennh=mar me\n a)na\ strato\n %Óxeto kh=la qeoiÍo.

11 hÄ oÀti to\n luka/banta genn#=, toute/sti to\n e)niauto/n, oÀroj ga\r e)thsi¿ou xro/nou diadramwÜn hÀlioj e)n me/rei ta\ dw¯deka z%¯dia. 14 óOqen oiåmai ka)n tv= qeomaxi¿# Poseida/wni iàstatai diamillw¯menoj: a)eiì ga\r aÃspeistoj8 eÃxqra puriì kaiì uÀdati, tw¤n du/o stoixei¿wn e)nanti¿an pro\j 1. Added by Russell. 2. Added by Te; A, B, Bu indicate a lacuna. 3. e)petei/wn, Mehler; e)pigei¿wn = “earthly” seasons, G, Bu; O, Te, read e)pithdei¿wn, seasons “serviceable to” farmers. 4. ” 5. Lukhgenh= Homeric scholia, Te, Il.

101 explain Lykêgenês as born in, or dwelling in, Lycia. 4. Cf. 36–40 (but lukophôs, not lukaugês). 5. 15 dia\ tou=q' o( Poseidw¤n, u(gra/ tij uÀlh kaiì para\ th\n po/sin ouÀtwj w©nomasme/noj, e)c a)ntipa/lou ma/xetai taiÍj diapu/roij a)ktiÍsi tou= h(li¿ou. 1 Tau=ta toi¿nun ei)rh/setai, a)nq' oÀtou pote\ to\n au)to\n a)pefhna/mhn hÀlion 'Apo/llwni, kaiì ti¿ peirw¯menoj kataskeua/zein. ai¸ loimikaiì no/soi th\n megi¿sthn eÃxousi th=j fqora=j1 pro/fasin to\n hÀlion. 3 au)xmhra\ de\ kaiì dia/puroj e)kkaeiÍsa noshrou\j a)po\ gh=j a)tmou\j e)fe/lketai,3 ka/mnonta de\ ta\ sw¯mata kaiì dia\ th\n a)h/qh tou= perie/xontoj troph\n nosou=nta loimikoiÍj pa/qesin a)nalou=tai.

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