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Nor were the members of the council and assembly themselves in agreement, and the elders were at odds also with the youths (v&oL) (2). We might question whether the harmony which Dio sought was really desirable, if it nieant that Tarsus should exist without a healthy difference of opinion. He may, of course, not have meant this, and only felt that all groups of the population should profess to pursue the advantage of the whole rather than of their own section; and yet it was a basic concept of Greek philosophy that there was one absolute truth and right in any given situation, which could be discovered by the use of human reason.

Harmony and wisdom in the city's internal affairs, however, (1) Sect. 47. (2) Sect. 14. (3) Sect. 10. (4) Sect. 43-46. (5) Sect. 11. (6) Sect. 45. (7) Plato, Laws, 701 D; for Zeno of Citium cf. Diogenes Laertius, 7, 33. (8) Above, p. 70, n. (1). 33] HELLENISTIC TARSUS 73 did lie specifically in the hands of the citizens and their leaders, and this is the area to which the central portion of the oration is devoted. Dio did not like what he saw. «A day or two ago the assembly took one course and the council another and the elders stuck to their own position, each pursuing its own advantage» (x6e~ xoci.

S'Lv). sw~). He thinks that the Tarsians should make up their minds one way or the other: either expel them or accept them. They have been for generations resident in Tarsus and know no other home. oc~). If you will sell citizenship to any corner for five hundred drachmre, will these be less desirable because they had been at some time excluded because of poverty or the caprice of some registrar? IX't'o~). Is it right to cast aspersions upon linen-workers and not upon dyers or cobblers or carpenters ( 1) ?

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