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Embody the darkness of hour of darkness with this d20 complement that provides avid gamers the ability to develop into that which they've got hated and feared for therefore lengthy - minions of the darkish god! that includes new backgrounds, racial principles, status periods, feats, apparatus and plot hooks, this e-book permits gamers to show the standard dead night crusade on its head and discover even if even the main evil of foes have an opportunity at redemption.

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Many a mission has it kept me alive. I stay near the darkness whenever I can, and I like to think it rewards me for my loyalty. Not like Glavius. He’d turned his back on the darkness. Abandoned his faith. One too many bloody daggers in his dreams, I’d imagine. Not the sort of fellow you like to see among the brethren, but their ilk is all too common lately. There is a greater goal, but we don’t all see the same way to it. Some of us, like Glavius, reject it. ” Those are damned, and I pity their souls.

Geas Another technique to correct undesirable behavior is to saddle a character with a geas/quest. Legates make extensive use of this spell, especially when giving orders to minions whose loyalties are uncertain. The nature of the geas depends on the penalty. In all cases, the geas/quest spell is considered to have a caster level five more than the character’s effective level, or the minimum level to cast the spell, whichever is higher. The particulars of the geas are up to the GM, but the restrictions imposed by the geas should grow in difficulty with the LM reduction.

Such characters are broken things and take a –4 penalty to all Will saves, Charisma checks, and attempts to resist intimidation. Additionally, slaves effectively have no rank. 31 A character can escape slavery through normal means, such as by killing his master, running away, or being sold and released. However, doing so should be by no means easy, and the punishment for attempting the first two is slow torture and death. Most slaves have resigned themselves to a life of captivity, and think of it as better than living among the beasts in the wild or being hunted by their enemies.

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