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By Dmitrij Mereschkowskij

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These words energetic The fairy’s prophetic Announcement brought instantly true: With singular quickness Each victim of sickness Was made over, better than new, And people who formerly thought they were doomed 20 Grimm Tales Made Gay With almost obstreperous healthiness bloomed, And each had some platitude, Teeming with gratitude, For the new attitude life had assumed. Our friend’s satisfaction Concerning his action Was keen, but exceedingly brief. The wrathful condition Of every physician In town was surpassing belief!

22 Grimm Tales Made Gay How Hop O’ My Thumb Got Rid of an Onus A worthy couple, man and wife, Dragged on a discontented life: The reason, I should state, That it was destitute of joys, Was that they had a dozen boys To feed and educate, And nothing such patience demands As having twelve boys on your hands! For twenty years they tried their best To keep those urchins neatly dressed And teach them to be good, But so much labor it involved 23 Grimm Tales Made Gay That, in the end, they both resolved To lose them in a wood, Though nothing a parent annoys Like heartlessly losing his boys!

Miss Guinevere Platt Didn’t hesitate at Her duty’s imperative call. ” Of the desolate men There were something like ten Who took up political lives, And the flower of the flock Went and fell off a dock, And the rest married hideous wives! But the beautiful wife Of F. Ferdinand Fife Was the wildest that ever was known: She’d grumble and glare, Till the man didn’t dare To say that his soul was his own. She sneered at his ills, And quadrupled his bills, And spent nearly twice what he earned; Her husband deserted, And frivoled, and flirted, Till Ferdinand’s reason was turned.

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Gogol und der Teufel by Dmitrij Mereschkowskij

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