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By James Alexander Langteaux

ISBN-10: 1844099792

ISBN-13: 9781844099795

Representing a primary in homosexual and Christian publishing, this provocative booklet offers a whole reversal of concept and motion, contending that God loves homosexuals with out trying to refute scripture references. The research confronts its topic with a unusual humorousness within the spirit of the "bedtime story," delivering an extraordinary, evangelical Christian quantity addressed on to the homosexual group. Unorthodox in its presentation, this advisor speaks the language of these who might suppose deserted, condemned, and damned whereas heading off reinterpretations of scriptural passages, making the gospel obtainable to a more youthful, free-spirited iteration. Spearheading a risky subject with candor and style, it reframes the endless query, Is homosexuality a sin? and as a substitute asks the homosexual neighborhood for a cease-fire—to forgive, love, and support positioned a cease to a cultural struggle being waged on this planet.

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Elimination of all evil destinies, it is called Buddha Durgatiparisodhanaraja. is sculpture is really very rare. But there are many paintings of this deity in Nepal. He is yellow in colour. He exhibits Dharmacakramudra and has one face and two arms only. He is described in the  Durgatisodhana mandala of Nispannayogavali. His dharani is very popular among Nepalese Buddhists and it is very often recited in front of a dead body or in funeral ceremonies. At the request of Devaraja Indra, Buddha Shakyamuni, out of compassion for the deva Vimalamaniprabha, who was reborn in Avici Hell, delivered the dharani of Durgatiparisodhana which can liberate beings from the hells like Avici.

E purpose of this deity yoga is to take the form of the deity and actualize his Buddha activities during meditation. e. Sambhogakaya. It is said that the fruit of Buddhahood must be achieved through a method which has the form of the Buddha. One of the characteristic features of the Yidam deity is the sexual imagery found in Highest yoga tantra (Anuttara tantra). Upon confrontation with father-mother union (Yabyum) aspect of the Buddha, a casual observer may find it difficult and astonishing to understand the fearsome and erotic nature of the images in the context of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Most of Gurus and Mahasiddhas belong to this category. Yet another form of Nirmanakaya is Created Nirmanakya. e Buddha once created a beautiful celestial lady in order to tame a haughty and proud queen named Khema, the consort of king Bimbisara. ueen Khema found the lady much more charming than herself. Suddenly she saw that the lady collapsed and died. e queen then realized the impermanent nature of our human body and beauty. Later on she became the foremost lady disciple of the Buddha. For Nirmanakaya, the emanated body, it is not necessary to be a human body only but it can be in animal forms such as monkey, elephant, bird, etc.

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