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'A Garland of Gold' is a heritage of the early masters of the nice Kagyu culture of Tibetan Buddhism, resembling Saraha, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa and their non secular heirs.  This historical past represents the testomony of the Kagyu lineage forefathers, exhibiting us how they constructed devotion and self belief of their authorities, acquired the muse of the dakini messengers, received the valuable lineages, attained the imaginative and prescient of mahamudra, and unfold the keys to enlightenment.

Their songs, additionally translated right here, even though incomplete with out a master's textual transmission, provide a reference to the realm of mahamudra.

Lama Jampa Thaye's account of the early masters is predicated at the histories composed through Pawo Tsuklak Trengwa (1504-1566), cross Lotsawa (1392-1481) and Pema Karpo (1527-1592).  He acquired the transmissions and teachings of the Kagyu forefathers from Karma Thinley Rinpoche and his different authorities similar to Ato Rinpoche and Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

The Kagyu culture is without doubt one of the 4 significant colleges of Tibetan Buddhism along the Sakya, Nyingma and Gelug. It rose to prominence within the 11th and 12th centuries C.E. a few one and a part millennia after the passing of Lord Buddha and is still one of many nice religious transmission on hand on the planet today.  This publication deals a striking inspect the origins of this global.

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Dakmedma gave birth to his son and heir. Darma-Dode. A few years after establishing himself in Drowolung. Marpa paid his third and final visit to India to study with the siddfla Maitripa. 7 Marpa met Maitripa in eastern India and although he had already received maflamudra from Naropa. it was from Maitripa. heir to the lineage of Saraha. that he obtained the definitive and complete transmission. Marpa himself later declared: 'Through the great venerable Lord Maitripa. I realized the basic essence as unborn and grasped the empty nature of mind.

Campopa. who bestowed upon him the full range of abftisekas and instructions. Dakpo Comtsul then undertook a retreat at Lamphu Sha'u Takgo. In 1151 Dakpo Comtsul was appointed abbot of Daklha Campo by Campopa. Following Campopa's passing in 1153. Comtsul supervised some construction work at the monastery and then left for Tolung. north of Lhasa. where he built the new monastery of Tshur Lhalung. Dakpo Comtsul attracted a large number of followers. who flocked from all parts of Tibet to Daklha Campo and his new establishment at Tolung.

He in turn transmitted authority to his own disciple Karma Pakshi ( 1206-1283) whom he recognized as the reincarnation of Dusum Khyenpa. Karma Pakshi received ordination and teachings from the Nyingma master Katok Jampa Bum. After he had travelled and taught in Kham for some time. he spent the next six years at Tshurphu. In 12 5 I . Karma Pakshi received The Four Great and Eight Minor Schools 65 his first invitation to visit China from Prince Kubilai grandson of Cenghis Khan. Although this visit and a second subsequent visit were not without difficulties.

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