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By Seymour Simon

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Identifies the character, destinations, pursuits, and assorted different types of galaxies, reading the Milky method and different identified examples.

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A large spiral galaxy collides with a smaller The ring is formed by the galactic shock wave of the collision, something like the circular ripple a falling rock makes in the water of a pond. Sometimes when the it a galaxy will slightly brushes by another galaxy. " Virgo This have been nicknamed the pair of spiral galaxies will slowly change shape as they pull apart from each other. G alaxies seem to group together in space. Several thousand galaxy clusters have been found in tions in space. only small a Our Group of Local cluster.

More than Coma cluster is part of a twenty-five hundred major Superclusters are large groups stretched out or torn apart as they one another. Our Local Group move away from itself is Supercluster of groups of galaxies. of clusters part of a Local tr Jl 4fc» *<* •> * ***^ c ** » **? 4t I* &>% \ y we hen we look are seeing also into far at a distant galaxy, deep into space and the past. from the Andromeda see today light spiral that started first The on we jour- its ney more than two million years ago, when our ancestors lived in caves.

Ow many galaxies are there in the universe? the universe have an end? plots the locations of No one knows. one million every galaxy pictured here, there This galaxies. may be Does map But for ten thou- sand more galaxies yet unknown. Scientists think that there may be one hundred billion expanding universe. : : '-,:- >' ;- » . ft *- . •. * our without a the speed of light forever without reaching an edge.

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