Dalai Lama's Freedom in exile : the autobiography of the Dalai Lama. PDF

By Dalai Lama

ISBN-10: 0060987014

ISBN-13: 9780060987015

Tibet's exiled religious and secular chief describes his adolescence, the chinese language invasion of Tibet, and the way exiled Tibetans have rebuilt their lives, and explains Tibetan Buddhism with his philosophy of peace.

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The journey to Lhasa took three months. I remember very little detail apart from a great sense o f wonder at everything I saw: the vast herds o f drong (wild yaks) ranging across the plains, the smaller groups o f kyang (wild asses) and occasionally a shimmer o fgowa and nawa, small deer which were so light and fast they might have been ghosts. I also loved the huge flocks o f hooting geese we saw from time to time. For most o f the journey I travelled with Lobsang Samten in a sort o f palanquin called a dreljam carried by a pair o f mules.

Then came the great procession, which I did not much care for. I would rather have walked and enjoyed the countryside, where fresh outpourings o f natural beauty were just beginning to show themselves in delicate shoots o f green. The diversions at the Norbulingka were endless. It consisted o f a beautiful park surrounded by a high wall. Within this there were a number o f buildings which were lived in by the members o f staff. There was also an inner wall, known as the Yellow Wall, beyond which no one but the Dalai Lama, his immediate household and certain monks were allowed.

This last is the most important (and most difficult) and is subdivided into a further five categories: Pm jnapam m ita, the perfection o f wisdom; Madhyamika, the philosophy o f the Middle Way; Vinaya, the canon o f monastic discipline; Abidharma, metaphysics; and Pram ana, logic and epistemology. The five minor subjects are poetry; music and drama; astrology; metre and phrasing; and synonyms. Actually, the doctorate itself is awarded on the basis only o f Buddhist philosophy, logic and dialec­ tics.

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