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That’s the problem. I have nowhere to go. ” She attempted another smile. ” She picked up a map sitting on the table beside her. “One of the nurses was nice enough to give me this map. It shows where everything is, including Torrance and Palos Verdes. I think this shelter is about twenty miles from here. ” “Yes, most of them. Not the doctors and nurses here, although the county may be paying for my care. I feel a little guilty about that. But I’ve received great care. They think I’m in my mid twenties.

Again, if we can pin down a location, that will help. Carol, you’re smart. You probably went to college. If we can find out your areas of expertise, that can assist us in checking college records and also possible jobs you might have had. ” “I don’t know whether I’m an expert at anything except getting hit on the head. ” Rigo had been partially hypnotized by a classmate in college, and, based on the experience he wasn’t completely convinced it was a good thing. “It’s a possibility. You have to be careful.

He hadn’t expected to find children here. Feeling sick, he turned away and spoke to a nicely dressed woman. “I’m looking for Carol Golden. ” “She’s young, pretty, with dark hair. It’s short. ” Her look softened. “Let me check the new arrivals. ” “Rigo. ” She went off to find Carol. Underground parking. Rigo was shocked at how large an operation this was. Homelessness was big business. In a short time, Carol came around a corner, wearing jeans and a top that were too big for her. She looked at him with surprise on her face.

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