Filipino Martial Arts as Taught by Dan Inosanto - download pdf or read online

By Dan Inosanto, Gilbert L. Johnson, George Foon

Хорошо иллюстрированное руководство по филиппинским боевым искусствам - история, основные понятия, методика тренировок - в интерпретации Дэна Инозанто.
P.S. Помнится, кто-то тут интересовался Арнис Кали Эскрима... :)

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The lock is applied (Form C) and the follow up strike delivered (Form D). Form C Form D 39 Arm-Locks for All Styles Wrist-Lock 4 If you were to attempt to seize the opponent’s testicles and the opponent countered by securing a grip on your wrist, this technique could be applied. The opponent has secured a firm grip on your wrist (Figure 13). Pin the opponent’s hand with your free hand as you circle your arms around. Cut into the opponent’s wrist as you rotate your seized hand and then grab the opponent’s forearm (Figure 14).

Training partners who are overly excitable, or whose egos make them take things personally, should always be avoided. What you need are partners who are prepared to work hard, are serious in their approach to their training, have a strong desire to continuously improve, and wish for you to improve also. Certainly, your partners need to give you a demanding and productive training session, but they should not be intentionally trying to injure or ‘out do’ you. As you get better, your partners will need to improve.

Your thumb should be between the opponent’s thumb and index finger. Your fingers should be around the edge of the opponent’s hand (Figure 25). Shift to a forty-five degree angle and drop your weight onto your rear leg. As you do so, pull the opponent’s elbow towards you, bend the opponent’s wrist and rotate their hand so that their fingers point upward (Figure 26). This will lock the opponent’s joints and drop them to their knees. The opponent is then in a good position to be struck (Figure 27).

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Filipino Martial Arts as Taught by Dan Inosanto by Dan Inosanto, Gilbert L. Johnson, George Foon

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