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By pulling up on the opponent’s elbow and down on the wrist, the opponent’s balance is taken and his shoulder is easily dislocated (Figure 3-11, Step 4). The defender must use his body movement to properly position the opponent—upper body strength will not work. He drops his body weight by bending his knees to help get the proper bend in the opponent’s elbow. The defender must also keep his own hands and elbows close to his body to prevent the opponent’s escape (Figure 3-11, Step 5). 3-14 FM 21-150 3-15 FM 21-150 c.

As the opponent tries a rear choke (A,Figure 3-13, Step 1), the defender can break the opponent’s grip with a strong rear-elbow strike into the solar plexus (A,Figure 3-13, Step 2). He can follow with a shin scrape down along the opponent’s leg and stomp the foot (A, Figure 3-13, Step 3). He may wish to continue by striking the groin of the opponent (A,Figure 3-13, Step 4). As the opponent begins a frontal choke (B, Figure 3-13, Step 1), the defender turns his body and drops one arm between the opponent’s arms (B, Figure 3-13, Step 2).

The opponent attacks the defender with a frontal choke. The defender has the option of going over or under the opponent’s arms. To disable the opponent, the defender inserts both thumbs into his opponent’s eyes and tries to gouge them (Figure 3-10). The defender is prepared to follow-up with an attack to the vital regions. b. Shoulder Dislocation. If the opponent applies a choke from the rear, the defender places the back of his hand against the inside of the opponent’s forearm (Figure 3-11, Step 1).

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