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By S. Albeverio, P. Combe, R. Hscogh-Krohn, G. Rideau, M. Sirugue-Collin, M. Sirugue, R. Stora

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On the Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain) they carried out experiments to determine the energy distribution of muons generated by cosmic radiation. 37 38 Next, Triimper and a team of scientists in Kiel developed the "air shower experiment," starting measurements in 1965. This experiment explored particle cascades generated by extremely energetic cosmic rays in Earth's atmosphere: For every single cosmic ray particle hitting the atmosphere, with an energy of one million gigaelectronvolt (GeV, 1 GeV = 1 billion eV), about 100,000 particles arrive at sea level.

This failure again tested the scientists' creativity; in the end, they developed a navigational approach, applying the principles used by seafarers for centuries: the determination of the position of the sun and the direction of the local magnetic field. The sensors for the sun and for measuring the terrestrial magnetic field were originally intended only as safety devices: the sun sensor was only supposed to prevent the telescope from pointing anywhere near the sun and so burning out its instruments.

And since resolving power and positional accuracy had reached the arc-second level for the first time, cross-identification with optical sources became increasingly easier. Before HEAO- In the late seventies the American HEAO-I satellite found about 840 x-ray sources. AGN = active galactic nuclei, SNR = supernova remnants, BINARY = x-ray binaries, CLUSTER = galaxy clusters. 34 2 burned up in the atmosphere in the summer of 1981, scientists had gathered data on more than 5000 cosmic x-ray sources.

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Feynman path integrals. Proc. Marseille by S. Albeverio, P. Combe, R. Hscogh-Krohn, G. Rideau, M. Sirugue-Collin, M. Sirugue, R. Stora

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