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By Walter Lowrie, Søren Kierkegaard

ISBN-10: 0679431306

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From the introduction
"Fear and Trembling is likely one of the best-known and influential works in nineteenth-and twentieth-century philosophic theology and literature ... The booklet on Adler [is] one of many darkish jewels within the heritage of philosophic psychology. As an examiner of the lives of the brain, of the associative pulses of the mind's eye, Kierkegaard has purely friends. His inquisition into Adler stands beside these descents into the deeps of the human psyche played by means of Dostoevsky and by means of Nietzsche."
-George Steiner

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SOREN KIERKEGAARD not just remodeled Protestant theology but in addition expected twentieth-century existentialism and supplied it with lots of its motifs. worry and Trembling and The ebook on Adler -addressed to a common viewers- have the inventive pleasure and extreme own allure of the best literature. merely Plato and Nietzsche have matched Kierkegaard's skill to offer principles so compellingly shiny and dramatic a form.
Translated via Waiter Lowrie

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I s it because Abraham had a prescriptive right to be a great man, so that what he did is great, and when another does the same it is sin, a heinous sin? " 22 FEAR AND TREMBLIN G participate in such thoughtless eulogy. I f faith does not make i t a holy act to be willing to murder one's son, then let the same condemnation be pronounced upon Abraham as upon every other man. If a man perhaps lacks courage to carry his thought through, and to say that Abraham was a murderer, then it is surely better to acquire this courage, rather than waste time upon undeserved eulogies .

I t w a s early in t h e morning, Abraham arose betimes, he had the asses saddled , left his tent, and Isaac with him, but S arah looked out of the window after them until they had passed down the valley and she could see them no more . 1 2 They rode in silence for three days. On the morning of the fourth day Abraham said never a word , but he lifted up his eyes and saw Mount Moriah afar off. He left the young men behind and went on alone with Isaac beside him up to the mountain. " He stood still, he laid his hand upon the head of Isaac in benediction, and Isaac bowed to receive the blessing.

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