Download e-book for iPad: Famous Robots and Cyborgs: An Encyclopedia of Robots from by Dan Roberts

By Dan Roberts

ISBN-10: 1628739274

ISBN-13: 9781628739275

Famous Robots and Cyborgs is a high-octane voyage throughout the heritage of our metal pals and foes. Dan Roberts narrates the historical past, strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and foibles of a plethora of fictional robots, cyborgs, and mechanical races—taking within the pronouncements of sci-fi visionaries and eminent robotics scientists alongside the best way. Roberts courses us in the course of the evolution of the lethal Cylons of Battlestar Gallactica in its numerous kinds to motion picture classics just like the mysterious Gort of The Day the Earth Stood Still, the enduring C-3PO, and naturally the Terminator.

We come across crazed cybernetic killers, megalomaniac desktops, residing spaceships, attractive androids, human brains in steel our bodies, and ultracompetitive robotic gladiators. alongside the way in which, locate solutions to such questions as: Are robots able to love? that have been the least convincing and such a lot laughable motion picture robots of all time? Can robots damage people to avoid wasting themselves? and will you actually ruin a perilous cyborg murderer with the strength of an exploding oil tanker?

Famous Robots and Cyborgs is a pleased, eclectic, informative, celebratory trip during the hi-tech international of the mechanical guy (and woman). Packed jam-packed with minutiae, robo-facts, controversy, heritage, and data on robotic toys, video games, motion pictures, television, and books, it is going to satisfaction the devoted robotic aficionado and the newcomer alike.

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