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Chapter Ten The man was too short to really head-butt Abdel properly, so the sellsword took it on the chin. The mason’s skull was hard, and his neck was strong, so it hurt. Abdel spat a curse and punched the bricklayer across the jaw. There was a resounding smack, and Abdel thought he saw the man hit the floor but couldn’t wait to be sure. He had to dodge the stool that someone threw at his head. He took a step forward, planting a foot on the fallen mason’s stomach and grabbed for the man who’d thrown the stool.

The ceiling was still just barely tall enough for Abdel to stand at his full height. In the center of the room was what appeared to Abdel’s untrained eye to be a natural sinkhole. The floor dropped away abruptly. ” clearly now, and there was no doubt in Abdel’s mind that the voice was coming from somewhere down inside the sinkhole. ” so loudly that the echoes masked the sound of the half a dozen kobolds who rushed him from behind. The things were no bigger than three feet tall, well under half Abdel’s height, and he certainly outweighed each by five or six times, but the six of them together were enough to push him forward that fraction of an inch that made falling into the pit impossible to avoid.

He used the heavy broadsword in his right hand and the burning torch in his left hand with equal abandon and equal effectiveness. Kobolds died bleeding or burning, and the distinction was irrelevant to Abdel. Occasionally one would get in a lucky cut with a rusted dagger, crude flint axe, or stolen woodworking tool, or make a lucky poke with a spear that wasn’t much more than a stick with a sharp rock tied to the end of it. Abdel took maybe a dozen little wounds, none of any consequence, and killed as many kobolds before the few that still lived exhausted their meager supply of courage and slipped back out of Abdel’s torchlight.

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Faiths & Avatars (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms, Campaign Expansion 9516) by Julia Martin

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