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Early-stage Qigong practitioners usually locate it tough to set up a regular Qigong perform. this helpful instruction manual teaches uncomplicated Qigong workouts that may be simply practiced in the house each day.

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They are purposely constructed to allow some individual expression. Leave the breath alone. Look on them as simple daily stretches. Just a few weeks’ daily practice will usually align body and mind. Allow some individual interpretation. 49 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e Stand in a Quiet Place take a deep breath, arms outstretched, wrists and elbows loose stand on tip-toe, if you wish hold a moment, a little longer and then release, come back to standing quietly 50 Te n A g g r i e ve m e nt E xe rc ise s 1 Raise Arms to Shoulder Height elbows loose, bent, wrists loose, bent and press sideways, shoulder height keeping wrists slightly bent, fingers to the sky act as if pressing out feet may be shoulder width apart, parallel or toes slightly pointed in 51 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e relax, and drop arms and hands back down – repeat as you wish 2 Now Raise Arms Again and Press this time, also at shoulder height, push one arm forward, and one arm behind turning the body slightly – the knees can be slightly unlocked 52 Te n A g g r i e ve m e nt E xe rc ise s relax, drop arms back all the way down, then repeat, on the opposite side one arm forward, and one arm behind most importantly, each time unlock the knees press as if pressing out walls as if widening, pushing there’s no need to use great effort some days be dynamic some days be gentle and gracious then relax, and arms down 53 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e 3 Lift Arms to Chest Height palms up, close to body – rotate forearms and press palms forward at the same time, bend knees and squat gently, go down as far as comfortable, heels down it is most important you don’t lean forward it is better you sink your weight sink your weight down the knees should point over the toes rest, stretch 54 Te n A g g r i e ve m e nt E xe rc ise s then come back up, and relax – in this practice, take your time judge your strength accordingly act smoothly – then rest awhile 4 Standing Simply, Relaxed and Calm let a little smile flit across your face – as if you had secret thoughts 55 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e as if you knew a secret, feet shoulder width raise arms gently to sides palms up, hands and fingers extended turn the head, one way and another if you wish bring the arms down repeat the twisting turning your body to the right repeat the turning twisting your body to the left palms should be flat and flexible stretched out as if supporting bowls of water as if holding a saucer of milk on your palm – go gently some days, the knees will bend some days the knees are reluctant to – pause: 56 Te n A g g r i e ve m e nt E xe rc ise s feel the earth, stand sound, stand solid lift your toes, then grip the ground – flex ankles, bend knees clench fists, be at ease twist the body, turn and groan frown and chomp your teeth clamp the jaws, swallow saliva breathe deeply the stuff of life – continue: 5 Now Stand aWhile raise one arm, palm facing the sky close to the body, chest height, then rotate the forearm, press to the sky above the head, palm pressing upward the other arm, stretched down by the side relax, standing upright – 57 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e then repeat on the other side, practise many times 6 Dragon Arms, Left and Right bend knees, twist body, stay upright eyes fiercely scan behind, prowl both palms upwards one ahead, one behind 58 Te n A g g r i e ve m e nt E xe rc ise s arms swing left and right as if imitating the black dragon 7 Prop Up the Sky both hands lifting palms facing up; flip over palms push to the heavens stretch arms alternately 59 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e left and right – let the breath run true 8 Touch the Earth, Left and Right bending the body down afore and behind turning the body, left and right twisting the neck then 60 Te n A g g r i e ve m e nt E xe rc ise s begin the gentle walk… walking is best wandering wondering finish the walk: close 9 Standing Circles, Large Ones standing circles, small ones hold the posture the feet shoulder width apart, or slightly more 61 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e round out the pelvis round out the chest 10 Close curl, uncurl the back ripple silently, quietly, settling feel the flow of the qi standing – close – be at peace 62 The Three Lowerings The Three Lowerings is a standing posture for encouraging quiet and sound sleep.

34 A n E i g ht- Se c tione d B roc a de 35 E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e On Toes, Rise and Fall, Rest Feet together, slowly let the heels rise and fall together. Palms should be pressed at the sides or, as before, into the small of the back. You may repeat this exercise many times, up to one hundred. This simple form relaxes and brings to a close the EightSectioned Brocade. The whole Brocade need only be performed through once. But if wished it can be repeated two or three times. 36 A n E i g ht- Se c tione d B roc a de 37 The Three Circles Posture ‘When the Tree withers, the leaves fall… What can we say then?

However, the cultivation of the breath is a subtle art, which demands discipline and time. slow even 45 lo e …the diaphragm… …heaven above and earth beneath… fin ng deep E ve r y da y Qig ong P ra c tic e Regulating the Mind Regulating the mind will come of its own accord, as the breath is mastered. But a simple technique to aid you is the counting of the in-breaths and out-breaths. Tie the mind to the breathing and count one to nine (one to six for females). If you lose count then gently bring the mind back and back again, in order to begin the count anew.

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