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See Target coverage Damage models, 3:1517–1519 Dam theory, 3:1520–1522 applied probability studies, 1:188 and atmospheric statistics, 1:291 Bayesian forecasting, 1:401 Dandekar continuity correction. See Continuity correction, Dandekar’s Dandekar’s continuity correction, 2:1307 Danebury Iron Age site, archaeological studies, 1:222, 223, 225 Daniel, C. (1976). , 3:1523–1525 Daniels’ formula for normal extremes, 8:5665 Dark matter, 1:253 Darmois-Koopman family. See Koopman-DarmoisPitman family Darmois-Skitovich theorem, 1:373, 3:1525–1526 Darwin, Charles and eugenics, 1:168 and evolutionary genetics, 3:2120, 2122 species as statistical populations, 15:9131 Das, M.

See also specific charts applications, 2:1351 median based, 2:1348, 1352–1353 types of, 2:1347–1351 Controlled Markov processes, 7:4556 Control limits, 2:1348 Control of calibration experiments, 14:8666 Controls for calibration, 2:696–697 clinical trials, 2:983–984 comparisons with, 2:1109–1116 Control variable swindle, 8:4987 Convergence, 10:6494–6495 Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms, 7:4520 moment generating functions, 4:2750, 2751 probability generating functions, 4:2749–2750 Convergence, strong, 2:1355 Convergence, weak, 2:1355 Convergence almost surely, 6:4187 Convergence in distribution, Bernstein’s lemma, 2:1353 Convergence in law, 2:1356, 15:9065 Convergence in rth mean, 2:1355–1356 Convergence in the sense of probability theory (Cantelli), 2:735 Convergence of moments and asymptotic normality, 1:271 Convergence of sequences of random variables, 2:1353–1358 weak convergence, 15:9065–9066 Convergent validity, 8:5140 Convex hull peeling, 9:6043, 6044 Convexity, 4:2809–2813 Convex least squares regression, 6:4117–4118 Convex linear combination, 1:372 Convex transition kernel, 1:61 Convolution, 2:1358–1359 Convolution sieve for nonparametric density estimation, 3:2098–2099 Convolution theorem, of characteristic functions, 2:851 Cook distance.

See Limit theorem, central and Asimov’s grand tour, 1:237 Craps, 4:2609–2610 Credal probabilities, 10:6465 Credibility, 2:1429–1430 Credibility factor, 1:35 Credibility intervals in multivariate Bayesian analysis, 8:5158 Credibility regions in multivariate Bayesian analysis, 8:5158 Credibility theory in actuarial science, 1:34–36 Credible interval forecasting, 10:6448 Credit card risk assessment, 1:363, 364 Credit scoring, 1:363 Cressie-read statistic, 2:1430–1432 Criss-cross designs. See Strip plots Criterion-referenced tests, 10:6611 Criterion variables canonical correlation analysis, 8:5153 Criticality theorem, 2:1436–1437 Critical phenomena, 2:1433–1435 Critical region, 2:1436 Cromwell’s rule, 2:1437 Cronbach coefficient, 2:1437–1438 Cronbach’s α, 10:6610 Crop area estimation, Landsat data analysis in, 2:1438–1445 Crop meter, 1:74 Crop proportion estimation, 10:6573–6574 Crops agricultural statistics, 1:83 agricultural surveys, 1:72–80 area estimation, Landsat data analysis in, 2:1438–1445 area sampling, 1:228–229 crop yield estimation, Mitscherlich’s law in, 2:1445 Crop spectral profile models, 10:6576–6577 9267 Crop yield estimation, Mitscherlich’s law in, 2:1445 Cross-classification, 2:763 Cross-correlated matrices and stochastic perturbation theory, 13:8265 Crossdating, in dendrochronology, 3:1601 Crossings, 2:1446 Cross-modality matching, 10:6623 Crossover trials, 2:828, 1446–1452 clinical trials, 2:985 continuous data analysis, 2:1449–1450 discrete data analysis, 2:1450–1451 higher order designs for two treatments, 2:1448 medical trials, 7:4724 three or more treatments, 2:1448–1449 Cross-product ratio.

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