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Long ago thirty-five years the Encyclopaedia Judaica has come to occupy a rarefied area on the planet of Jewish studying. Authoritative, accomplished, severe but obtainable, it graced the library cabinets of students and rabbis, of the discovered and the studious, or even of the would-be studious, consulted by means of the curious and the inquisitive, a big place to begin for a trip of studying.

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Emmanuel, Maẓ ẓ evot Saloniki, 2 (1968), nos. 1445, 1517. AMARILLO, SOLOMON BEN JOSEPH (1645–1721), Salonikan halakhic authority and preacher, father of Aaron and Ḥ ayyim *Amarillo. While still a youth, he wrote responsa, and in 1666, he began to preach in various Salonikan congregations. On the death of his teacher, Isaac b. Menahem ibn Ḥ abib (before 1685), Amarillo was appointed to replace him until Ibn Ḥ abib’s son became old enough to assume the position. Amarillo was an outstanding halakhist.

In 1733 he was in Constantinople. Upon Joseph David’s death in 1736, Ḥ ayyim Moses was appointed one of the three chief rabbis. Amarillo was a prolific writer and the following of his works have been published: 1) Devar Moshe in three parts (Salonika, 1742, 1743, 1750), responsa. The laws of divorce, which constituted sections of parts 1 and 3, were published as Simḥ at Moshe (Leghorn, 1868); (2) Halakhah leMoshe in two parts (Salonika, 1752), on the fourth book of Maimonides’ Yad, Nashim. , 1751), sermons.

Amasa was the son of Jether or Ithra the Ishmaelite, and Abigail the sister of David (ii Sam. 19:14; i Chron. 2:17). According to ii Samuel 17:25, he was the son of Ithra the Jesraelite (lxx–Jezreelite) and Abigail the daughter of Nahash. Amasa can probably be identified with Amasai (Heb. ‫) ֲע ָמשַׂ י‬, the leader of the 30 “mighty men” who joined David at Adullam (i Chron. 12:18). This makes it necessary, however, to assume that Jether the Ishmaelite married Abigail the daughter of Jesse long before David came to the court of Saul, and that Amasa was later deposed from his position in the service of David, since in the list of those who arrived with David in Ziklag, it is Ishmaiah the Gibeonite who commands the 30 “mighty men” (i Chron.

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