Elves of Evermeet (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten - download pdf or read online

By Anne Gray McCready

ISBN-10: 1560768290

ISBN-13: 9781560768296

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She is widely believed to be completely humorless and has never married. Inside Ruith 1. Harbor 2. The Sunreacher (elven wardragon) 3. Outer Wall 4. Unicorn Rider Barracks 5. Pegasi Aerie 6. Lightspear Keep 7. Home of High Mage Ralikanthae 8. Home of Marshal Traeliorn (fighter) 9. The Iron Horn (tavern) 10. City Armory 11. Public Square 12. The Rusty Sword (inn) 13. The Thousand Trees (public park) 14. Farmland Taltempla This second-largest settlement on Evermeet is also known as the City of Magic, for a large portion of the town’s inhabitants are mages.

The family crest consists of three triangles, one of each house color, on a white background. 21. House Shaelara. This Gold elf house is a recent arrival from the mainlands. It has brought many new citizens who have yet to completely fit in with Evermeet’s ancient society. This attractive mansion of gray and white stone was magically grown less than a decade ago, and house patriarch Uthorim Shaelara has had his hands full keeping his relatively young family from getting into trouble. Most Shaelara are fewer than 100 years old and are still quite adventurous and rowdy.

He prefers to live off the largess of his clients, who send him gifts, invite him to their estates, and keep him living in luxurious style. 40. Jeweler. Nushala Le’Quella is the most celebrated craftswoman in Leuthilspar, creating rings, brooches, diadems, bracelets, torcs, and other works of art for nobles and commoners alike. She is now more than 600 years old and her output is low (she spent more than 18 months crafting a simple ring for the Queen), but the respect and esteem in which the other elves hold her are enormous.

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