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I except such as God, by singular privilege and for certain causes known only to himself, hath exempted from the common rank of women, and do speak of women as nature and experience do this day declare them. Nature, I say, doth paint them forth to be weak, frail, impatient, feeble, and foolish, and experience hath declared them to be unconstant, variable, cruel, and lacking the spirit of counsel and regiment. And these notable faults have men in all ages espied in that kind, for the which not only they have removed women from rule and authority, but also some have thought that men subject to the counsel or empire of their wives were unworthy of all public office.

It was replaced with the Directory of Public Worship, which emphasized instructions and rules more than actual prayer. After winning control of the government in 1649, the Puritans abolished the episcopal features of the Church of England, which specified that appointed bishops should govern the church, and structured the English church according to Presbyterian rules, which specified that elected laypersons (non-clergy) called elders should make most church decisions. When the monarchy was restored in 1660, Charles II (1630–1685) immediately took steps to reverse these reforms and reunite dissenting factions within an Episcopalian Church of England.

Science, Civilization, and Society. html (accessed on July 24, 2006). ’’ Tudor Place. htm (accessed on July 24, 2006). ’’ History of the Monarchy. asp (accessed on July 24, 2006). ’’ rom the very beginning of her reign, Elizabeth I (1533–1603) took care to project a public image of strength and authority. England’s position in 1558, when Elizabeth took power, was far from secure. A small country with a weak economy and deep internal conflicts, it faced significant economic and political competition from Europe.

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