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Bit hydraulics 5. 1 Fluid loss control a) Filter loss can be optimized in three ways: 1. Make a good filter by including a wise range of particles in the mud (Bentonite, Barite, cuttings are already there. It may be enough) 2. Make a good filter cake by making sure the mud is dispersed 3. Decrease losses through the filter cake by increasing the viscosity of fluid phase (starch, CMC)) b) Increased filter loss is detected through the filter press test. Depending on its rheology and other tests you normally find out which of the 3 qualities in question a.

What is the ECD in this situation? c) At 1800 m the formation fracture pressure is 228 bar. Check if everything is OK. 5 ECD. Temperature change A new mud was being prepared for the 8 ½” section. The 13 3/8” csg shoe was located at 15 000 ft vertical depth. While drilling at 16 500 ft the well started losing mud and it was decided to lower the MW from 15 to 14 PPG. 5 PPG. The mud was mixed to 14 PPG with an effective viscosity of 40 and 30 cP at 600 and 300 RPM respectively, at an average surface mud temperature of 40 °C.

9 Rheology control a) Lots of fine Barite particles leads to increased viscosity. PV and μeff will increase. YP will be unaffected or decrease, Since the smallest Barite particles will behave as physical dispersants b) In order to Suppress Ca++ from dissolving. Keep anionic colloidal particles dispersed. Suppress corrosion and H2S and CO2 attack. c) Polymers are polymerized monomers, can have organic origin or be synthetic manufactured (copolymers or cross linked). Polymers have high molecular weight and come mostly as charged particles → bind water molecules → increased hydrodynamic volume → influence viscosity and filter behaviour.

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