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This political reconfiguration in CC over against LH can be viewed as a way of asserting symbolic superiority in the face of actual political oppression. By replicating the essence of the chief exemplar of Mesopotamian law, but rearticulating the nature of sovereign power, CC turns LH against the foreign overlords of Israel and Judah. The ideological force of CC is underscored by its apparently having been created in connection with a larger narrative of enslavement and deliverance from Egypt (see chapter 12).

Child Rebellion (21:15, 17; texts on p. 193) The laws on child rebellion in Hammurabi’s collection (LH 192–193, 195) conclude the long series of laws pertaining to family matters (basically LH 117–191), of which the debt-slavery and marriage laws were part (see topics 1 and 2). Hammurabi’s child rebellion laws lead to the laws on striking and other injuries. In CC, the child rebellion laws come after the homicide law (vv. 36 Primary Evidence for Dependence 12–14). When CC’s homicide law is seen as having been moved up from its later context in LH, CC’s child rebellion laws are effectively contiguous to the family legislation entailed in the debt-slave laws.

67 His judgment about the indigenous nature of the content agrees with Otto. But despite this, Jackson allows for some influence on content at certain places. With regard to the ox law in 21:35 (similar to LE 53), he says: What may well have originated as a common customary practice was followed in both cultures by reduction to writing, and, whatever the source of the common custom, the biblical reduction to writing appears to have been influenced by its literary antecedent. True, this particular law has no parallel in Hammurabi, even though the latter collection does deal with the homicidal ox, and there appears to be no possibility that the Laws of Eshnunna were actually known to the authors of the Mishpatim, even though the Laws of Hammurabi might have been.

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